CareLink System Versions

+ Dispatch
+ Fax

+ Website

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Securely Store Patient Data
New Patient Workbook
Patient Import and Export Features
Set Patient Reminders
Log Patient Encounters (Optional)
SMS Messaging
Secure Chat Channels Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Surveys and Checklists
Unlimited Patients

Map Based Patient Scheduling
One Click Bulk Patient Scheduling
Minimize Travel Time with Schedule Optimizer
Show Optimal Driving Directions
Turn by Turn Navigation to Next Patient Address
Integrated E-Visit Scheduling
Provider "check-in" at Appointment
Check In Location Tracking Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Recurring Scheduling
Set Patient Visit Frequency
Send Notifications to Patient and Providers
Provider Mobile Site
Provider Mileage Reports
Zoom Integrations for E-Visit Scheduling Optional Optional Optional Optional
Square Integration for Cash Pay Services Optional Optional Optional Optional

Create Multiple Dispatch Queues        
Assign one or More Providers to Each Queue        
Optimize driving route for same day and urgent care visits        
Provider can select who to their schedule from the mobile app        
Real Time SMS Updates to Patients        

Create and Send Electronically Signed Orders    
Facility and Specialist Portal    
Patient Portal     Optional Optional Optional
Downloadable Forms    
Securely Exchange Messages, Inquiries and Patient Notes    
Send Orders through your Mobile Phone    
Track and Report CPO/CMM Time    
Create and Track CCM Consent Forms    
Patient Care Coordination with Facilities and Specialists    
Patient Referral Workbook and Daily Call Log    
Create Face to Face Encounter Forms    
Manage Commonly used Face to Face Phrasing    
Physician Portal to Sign Face to Face Orders    
Electronic New Patient Forms    

Fax Files into CareLink or Forward your Existing Fax Line
Assign Faxes to Patient Records
Providers Sign faxes with their own Signature and Date
Add Comments and Annotations to Faxes        
Record 485 HH Certification Signatures for Billing
Upload Faxes Automatically into Popular EMR Systems
Upload and Send fax Documents from your Desktop
Save Documents as Reusable Fax Templates
Splitting Faxes, Forwarding Faxes, and Removing Cover Pages        
Track Delivery Status of Sent Faxes        

Conversion Optimized Website        
Links Directly to Your CareLink System        
Mobile responsive for web, tablet, and Phone        
Control colors images and content from your CareLink system        
Use any domain name