CareLink Features

CareLink's Patient Centered Care Model Allows Collaboration and Back Office Efficiency for your Practice!
  • Logon portals for your office, care facilities, specialists and collaborating physicians
  • Interactive workbooks speed up your new patient and referral processes
  • Automatically send faxes and Create PDF documents with one click
  • Send SMS messages for new appointment and appointment changes
Patient Scheduling Features
  • Map driven patient scheduling
  • Minimize driving distance when scheduling patients with schedule optimizer
  • Find shortest travel route for the day's schedule with driving optimizer tool
  • Arrange patients scheduled appointment times based on driving order via the CareLink appointment optimizer
  • Integrated E-Visit Scheduling
  • Send SMS messages to alert upcoming patients
  • One click bulk patient scheduling
  • Set patient visit frequency and view reports of patients overdue or soon overdue for visit
  • Set up to 10 appointment types with unique visit frequencies
  • Recurring Scheduling
  • Move your entire schedule from 1 day to another or 1 provider to another with 1 mouse click
  • Confirm scheduled visits and notify facility or patients electronically about an upcoming visit
  • Add visits to your Outlook calendar
  • Integration with for automated patient reminders (requires separate account)
  • Square and Zoom Integration
  • Mark visits as "no shows"
  • Provider "check-in" when arriving at appointment (Location tracking service optional)
  • Monthly visits report by provider
  • Run Provider Mileage Reports
  • iCal Provider Calendar Links

Dispatch Scheduling Features

  • Create Multiple Dispatch Queues
  • Assign one or More Providers to Each Queue
  • Optimize driving route for same day and urgent care visits
  • Provider can select which patients to add to their schedule from the mobile app
  • Text Notifications to Patients at Every Step in the Process

Practice Management Features

  • New Patient workbook to track new patients and patient referrals
  • Set patient reminders and view them on reminder workbook
  • Care Plan Oversight (CPO) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) time tracking and reporting
  • Import and Export patients into commonly used EMR systems
  • Add unlimited number of patients and office users
  • Link providers to different companies, perfect for practices with multiple billing entities or locations
  • Log office phone calls that need follow up
  • Optional Log Patient Encounters

Patient Care and Collaboration Features

  • Secure electronic communication with patient care facilities regarding patient care
  • Send electronically signed orders to care facilities
  • Create and track electronic referrals sent to patient specialists
  • Respond to order request, visit requests, etc electronically
  • Secure Facility portal to exchange information regarding a patient's care and a knowledge all communication sent from a patient's care facility
  • Securely transmit patient documents
  • Logging of all patient related activities
  • Track patient hospital admissions
  • Patient Portal to submit paperwork, update account details and Request Visits

Home Health Management Features

  • Create electronic Face to Face encounters with one click button Medicare approved phrasing
  • Manage commonly used Medicare approved phrases for Face to Face encounters
  • Collaborating physician portal to electronically sign Home Health orders
  • Fax F2F automatically upon signature


Website Features

  • SEO and Conversion Optimized
  • Customizable Colors and Content
  • Controlled through your CareLink admin area
  • Highlight your practitioners
  • Map and coverage areas pulled from your Carelink system
  • Website Form connects directly with your CareLink system
  • Use your own Domain Name

Integrated Fax Features

  • Fax documents directly into CareLink
  • Get a local or 1-877 fax number or forward / port your existing fax #
  • Assign faxes to patient records
  • Sign faxes with your own signature and date
  • Upload documents and faxes automatically into popular EMR systems
  • Upload and fax pdf files
  • Use Template files to send faxes
  • Record 485 HH Certification Signatures for billing
  • Track delivery of sent faxes