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Introduction To CareLink Mobile Practice Manager

Any overview of CareLink Mobile Practice Manager - what the product and how it can help streamline the operations of any mobile medical service.

Scheduling Basics With CareLink Mobile Practice Manager

An overview of CareLink scheduling tools for mobile providers. Covers basic scheduling, bulk scheduling and more.

Using CareLink Schedule Optimization Tools

How to use CareLink schedule optimization tools to optimize patient scheduling and routing so your providers can spend less time on the road and more time with patients.

CareLink Training Guides

Scheduling with CareLink Mobile Practice Manager
CareLink Training for Practitioners and Administrators

CareLink Tech Support

For free telephone support please call 888-483-7265 and select Option #2
For free email support please email [email protected]

CareLink Release Notes

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why don't some patients show up correctly on the patient map?
A: CareLink only uses the Address line 1 when mapping patient's home. Please make sure you use the complete address and city name as weill as proper zip code in the Address Line 1. Address Line 2 will not be considered when mapping a patient's home
Q: How do I add a link to CareLink to my mobile phone?
A: For Apple phones or tables here is a great tutorial link.
For Android phone please see here
Q: How do I export my patient list out of Practice Fusion?
A: Please follow the steps below.
  1. Go to Reports >
  2. Clinical Reports >
  3. Patient List >
  4. At top of page there is drop downs, choose Age > Greater than “ 0
  5. Click on right side of page at the top Run report
  6. Click Export CSV
  7. Save File